Nicolaas L Paardenkooper, CEO of Brooge Energy and BPGIC, said: “We are proud to report no safety issues since the start of our Phase I operations in late 2017 and throughout the construction of our Phase II facility, which is nearing completion.”

He added: “We believe our excellent safety record is due to strict adherence to compliance processes, as well as our investment in building out highly automated terminals which have continued to operate seamlessly throughout the year despite the restrictions placed on us due to COVID-19.”

BPGIC is a key independent storage provider in Fujairah, UAE, “conveniently situated in the east-coast port of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman, which owns capacity to store clean petroleum products (CPP) and fuel oil using some of the latest technology to maximise company performance and efficiency, while reducing operating costs”.

Through the development of its Phase II and Phase III facilities, it is also building additional CPP storage capacity as well as crude oil storage capacity using similar technology.

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24th March 2021