Rio de Janeiro state’s Porto do Açu has licensed areas to build PV solar power and hydrogen generation plants, chairman Carlos Tadeu da Costa Fraga said.

The port is an important oil hub, with a terminal capable of moving 1.2Mb/d (million barrels of oil per day). Among its clients are Petrobras, Shell, Petrogal, Total, Equinor and Repsol.

He added the port is also eyeing potential synergies with an offshore wind power park that is being licensed next to Açu port by Equinor.

“We want to serve as a base for handling equipment and inputs and possibly bring the energy for consumption in Açu,” da Costa Fraga said.

According to da Costa Fraga, Porto do Açu is preparing to build a storage park for up to 11.4Mb (million barrels).

Meanwhile, Açu is also aiming to become a natural gas hub. Its first gas-fired power plant (GNA I) is planned to come online by the end of the first half of 2021, while GNA II’s schedule will depend on the COVID-19 situation in the region.

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14th December 2020