25.04.16. Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT) has announced the expansion of its storage capacity in Port of Rotterdam.
Supported by a long term contract, the capacity will be more than doubled from 200,000 cbm to 467,000 cbm and involves the construction of 14 storage tanks for clean petroleum products and the development of three additional barge berths to cater for the long term logistical needs of the new customers. The infrastructure will be constructed on the land that had been reclaimed by the port and will start in May 2016 with a planned commencement of operations by mid-2017.
The terminal currently operates 34 tanks, with a total capacity of 200,000 cbm. The actual capacity is divided in 130,000 cbm used for the storage of clean petroleum products and 70,000 cbm suitable for biodiesel and vegetable oils.
A 420m long sea jetty is capable of simultaneously handling two seagoing vessels of up to 115,000 dwt and two river barges.

25th April 2016