Loadings of the North Sea’s benchmark crude grades will drop by 3 per cent in July, but that will still put them above the 2019 average.

Increased loadings of Brent, Forties and Troll will offset a slowdown in loadings of Oseberg and Ekofisk. Combined loadings of Brent, Forties, Oseberg, Ekofisk and Troll will average 871,000 b/d in July, down from the 900,000 b/d scheduled for next month. 

Troll loadings in July will be 13pc higher than in June at 135,000 b/d after one of June’s cargoes was deferred to July.

Loadings of Forties crude in July are scheduled to rise by 10 per cent from June to 329,000 b/d, a four-month high and 15 per cent above last year’s average. Brent loadings will climb by 21 per cent to 97,000 b/d — the highest of the year so far.

But Oseberg’s loadings will slow by 19 per cent to 97,000 b/d, while loadings of Ekofisk crude will be 24 per cent lower in July than in June at just 213,000 b/d, a 13-month low.

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1st June 2020