20.06.16. Prism Midstream LLC has begun accepting natural gas liquids (NGLs) and condensate at the Bedrock Liquids Handling Facility in Crockett County, Texas. The facility handles both on-spec and off-spec NGLs and off-spec condensate.
The Facility has been in full operation since 1 June. It has an initial capacity of 3,000 bpd of off-spec NGLs and 3,000 bpd of off-spec condensate. The facility is expandable to 6,000 bpd each of NGL and condensate. As currently configured it can accept 4,500 bpd of on-spec NGLs in addition to the off-spec capabilities.
Equipped with six truck unloading and loading spots, The facility is located in the southern portion of the Midland Basin just north of Ozona, Texas with direct access to US Highway 190 to receive incoming trucked liquids.
The facility treats all normal off specification issues (eg, colour, corrosion, carbon dioxide, as well as methane) and delivers NGLs that meet pipeline specifications or condensate that has a Reid vapour pressure of 9 lbs/sq inch and sulphur content of less than 10 parts per million.

20th June 2016