BASF Antwerp has partnered with Systems Navigator to optimise its jetty utilisation. Systems Navigator has developed a jetty simulation tool which includes the representation of the current situation at BASF Antwerp and allows to test several scenarios. 

With this model BASF Antwerp is able to test and compare different design, throughput alternatives and identify the best setup which maximises throughput, while minimising waiting time and demurrage.

The project results in a thorough understanding of the expected terminal performance with a focus on the limits of waterside throughput, expected jetty occupancy, expected waiting times, and expected demurrage costs. 

Frederic Viaene, ESA/VP Antwerpen 4.0 Verbund Digitalisation Project Lead, commented: “Very recently, Systems Navigator developed a jetty simulation solution for us. By using this solution, we could test & compare different design and throughput alternatives. The model gave us a deeper understanding of the expected performance in different scenarios and helped to optimise the terminal in several setups. 

“We are very happy with the results as this allows us to maximise throughput, while minimising waiting time and demurrage. We will use the simulation solution to test drive future strategic decisions and find the best outcome for BASF Antwerp and our customers.”

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11th July 2019