Enagás has contracted Ayesa, an engineering firm which specialises in engineering, technology and consulting, to redesign the mooring jetty for its regasification plant at the Huelva LNG terminal. 

The redesign will allow small-scale vessels to be refuelled and vessels to be loaded with LNG for subsequent ship-to-ship bunkering.

Methane tankers transporting LNG will unload fuel at the port at a very low temperature (-161 ºC). Enagás will then store it in a liquid state in total containment cryogenic tanks with outer concrete walls, before it is distributed in tanker lorries or regasified to be transported via pipelines.

In order to adapt the plant for these kinds of services, new pipe connections must be created on the mooring jetties, as well as monitoring and measuring systems to allow LNG to be loaded onto small-scale methane tankers through flexible hoses suitable for very low temperatures. These tankers will then refuel large vessels moored in the port or transport the LNG to other small-scale vessels.

For more information visit: www.ayesa.com

11th September 2018

11th September 2018