Aura Engineering said it is “proud to have completed two different types of systems for clients in Texas during the crisis”. It added: “COVID-19 has disrupted everything, but we are staying safe and staying busy!”

Within the space of a week, Aura commissioned two different types of systems for clients in Texas. Even though these start-ups occurred during COVID-19 travel restrictions, Aura said it was able to have key people on-site to ensure its clients, (deemed essential during these times), were able to commission their new systems as smoothly and safely as possible. 

System One was a 40,000 barrel per hour (bph) marine vapour control system that Aura designed, built, installed, and commissioned for a client in Corpus Christi. The system was designed specifically for loading crude oil and crude oil condensate. 

It said this “ground-breaking collaboration” between its client and The Port of Corpus Christi Authority will allow Suez-max class vessels to quickly load and unload at the port.

It added: “Even though this system achieves a high loading rate, it does not sacrifice environmental responsibility. The system’s vapour combustors are low NOX accomplishing a control level of 0.06 lbs/mmbtu. To further facilitate a seamless experience for our client, Aura also integrated the system into the facility supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) to ensure complete system continuity.”

System Two, which was also designed, built, installed, and commissioned by Aura, consisted of five truck loading bays with four truck loading pumps, each connected to two tanks for customer flexibility. 

The facility storage is comprised of eight 30,000 bph tanks standing 40’ tall and 74’ wide. Each truck bay has a dedicated pump except Loading Bay 5, which is connected to all four pumps. The system, located in Brownsville, TX, was designed to handle gasoline and diesel and has a load rate of 500 gallons per minute, per loading bay. 

The system also includes a vapour collection and combustion system for each bay, that allows for simultaneous loading. It said this is “just one of many features to ensure safe operations”. The system includes radar level gauge technology with independent high-high level safety switches to prevent tank overfill. 

System Two was one part of a multi-phase facility build out for this client. Aura said it continues to work with that client to further increase their storage capacity.

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30th June 2020