Argus media has announced the launch of itsArgus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2018 product flow map that outlines the scale of liquid bulk flows throughout the Mediterranean region.

The maps indicate the ports that saw the most movement of products in the first quarter of 2017. Users are able to browse through the available data on quantities at each location. The extensive data covered in the maps can be used to gauge demand and supply of oil and oil products by looking at movement of cargo through ports. This can also be split up into specific regions. The maps also make it possible to identify significant players in the Mediterranean market.

The product flow map has been launched in time for the Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics conference. The event is the perfect opportunity to join international experts to discuss the movement, shipping and processing of crude and oil products. This year’s event will take place between June 18-19 in Barcelona, Spain.

The agenda provides visitors with an unmissable chance to join thought-leaders in the distribution and processing of crude and oil products with the two day conference covering topics such as:

Market structure: Join a lively debate on the short to long term outlook of market structure. Could contango feasibly be on the horizon? 

  • Product flows: Gain an assessment of the movement of the full barrel in the region – an essential and dynamic hub for the global movement of liquid bulk.
  • IMO reforms: What will be the impact on LNG markets? Where can low sulphur fuel come from? How will ship-operators cope?
  • Projects: Find new opportunities where jetties, storage facilities and refineries are developing.

    Day 2 discussions will hinge on port and facility expansions as game changing developments of infrastructure are explored. Hear about the successes in Malta, an update on Tangier, the outlook of port expansions and much more.

  • For more information, visit: or request your copy of the maps here:  Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics

    30th May 2018