APC has named a representative in Russia for its Chemline® and Marineline® coating systems in order to meet the growing worldwide demand. Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) has appointed BM Technologies LLC of St. Petersburg, Russia, to represent APC in the Russian market.

“This is an excellent opportunity for APC to grow its international presence and serve a growing market as Russia is one of the world’s leading industrial countries,” said David J. Keehan, APC President. “With 15 years in business, BM Technologies adds to the strengths of APC and brings a wealth of local technical expertise for all our customers in Russia.”

Key contacts at BM Technologies will be Konstantin Belousov as Technical Manager and Ivan Medvedev as Sales Manager, both working from the head office in Saint Petersburg. BM Technologies also has a team of representatives and agents in Ust-Luga, Kaliningrad,  Vladivostok, Port Kavkaz, Rostov-on-Don to provide further localized services.

BM Technologies is highly regarded for its ability to supply technical products and solutions across a range of Russian industries, from marine engineering systems, to chemicals, to refrigeration systems. As Konstantin Belousov stated, “The main focus of our company is to provide customers with technical products and services that provide solutions, and to deliver these with a high level of quality and efficiency.”

For more information visit https://en.bmtech.pro and www.adv-polymer.com

19th July 2019