17.05.16. Enbridge is working with provincial firefighting crews to contain a fire near its Cheecham Terminal, in Alberta.
Additional industrial firefighting resources are also on scene to help protect the facility, which lies 70km southeast of Fort McMurray.
An existing firebreak around the terminal is being widened and crews are assessing next steps in fire suppression such as spraying down the facilities, according to a company statement.
The terminal and pump station were designed with the potential for a forest fire in mind, as the distance between the facilities and the tree line was established to minimise the potential impact of such a fire.
Some pipelines into and out of the terminal are still operating.
Meanwhile, Suncor says that as a precaution, Alberta Province has ordered a mandatory evacuation for the MacKay River area.
Suncor said all of its other facilities are currently safe for work and operating normally, although the company continues monitor air quality and fire risk.

17th May 2016