Äager brand, Storagetech (which is an expert in tank equipment), has completed its R&D activities on its new Air & Gas Absorber. Storagetech Air & Gas Absorbers eliminate toxic gases and particles by up to 100 per cent, creating a safer workplace and protecting the environment at the same time. 

Storagetech Model 1200 Storage Tank Vent Gas Absorbers are equipped with replaceable MMHasso™ filter cartridges that contain cells and particulate filters. Storagetech designs and manufactures scrubbers and absorbers to remove gases from the airflow during the emptying and filling of storage tanks – and also gases that already exist inside the storage tank.

The Storagetech Gas Scrubber & Absorber is designed with new technologies, specifically for condensate, demineralized water tanks and other storage tank vents. 

They are mounted on the breather valve of the tank, and with a gas filtration effectiveness of up to 100 per cent, “empowers a high calibre of demineralized water”, according to Storagetech.

The MMHasso™ filter for demineralized water tank vents is designed to be introduced at the breathing vent, to avert gas entrance into the DM water stockpiling tank. Its aim is to maintain full removal of the gases from the outer sources.

For more information visit storagetech.de

5th June 2020