In order to prepare the award procedure of the service concession of the jet-fuel farm at Paris – Charles-de-Gaulle airport, ADP wishes to consult market players (preliminary consultation). 

The purpose of this preliminary consultation is to allow prior exchanges with market players in order to enrich the reflections currently underway at ADP on the contours of the future concession, the projected investment envelope, the economic model of the next concession and the characteristics of the award procedure to be implemented. 


This operation will also allow interested companies to better understand the issues involved in the activity to be granted, the investment projects to be carried out and the renewal schedule.

Further information: 

    • the purpose of this notice is to organize a preliminary consultation; interested operators must indicate their interest in the sourcing before October 5th, 2019 at 12 noon, at the following address ;

    • interested operators will have to withdraw an information notice subject to the signing of a non-disclosure agreement;

    • an information day will be organized on October 10th, 2019 to enable potential bidders to better understand the current and future situation and request additional data; 

    • it is specified that at this stage, the buyer will not contract with an operator at the end of the process; participation in the preliminary consultation shall not prevent operators from participating in the call for tenders which will be launched later on the same conditions as any other interested economic operator;

    • no compensation will be granted to operators for their participation in sourcing.

For more information contact

26th September 2019