Adler and Allan has been awarded the VINCI Facilities Supply Chain Award for innovation for introducing the revolutionary No Dig Patch Repair system to Shell last year.

The No Dig Patch Repair system considerably reduces disruption when repairing faulty pipes on a site. Rather than digging up the pipes which can take weeks, the system allows a section of pipes to be repaired in one day, presenting a saving of nearly £250,000 per site for each repair. A significant saving of both time and money for Shell.

Henrik Pedersen, Commercial Director, said: “We are delighted to have won the VINCI Innovation Award and are proud to have been responsible for the introduction of such an important and influential system to Shell. Providing an expert service is one of our key values, so we are pleased to be able to bring together our knowledge, expertise, and equipment to deliver this.”

The award follows on the back of the announcement that Adler and Allan recently became Britain’s largest fuel management and quality provider after acquiring LCM Environmental Fuel Management.

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18th November 2019