A new partnership between fuel analytics technology provider Leighton O’Brien and market leading environmental risk reduction specialist Adler and Allan, will exclusively deliver proprietary EPA-certified precision tank and line testing technology in the UK.

 Leighton O’Brien offers an accurate integrity test which can detect ullage leaks equivalent to 0.09 litres per hour, making it four times more accurate than traditional leak detection thresholds. This will allow Adler and Allan customers to detect the smallest leaks, reducing the risk of fines and reputation damage.

The technology also benefits fuel retail and commercial customers by reducing forecourt downtime as the test is fully automated, optimising technician time onsite. The tank test time is one hour and seven minutes, three minutes for a dry line test and 17.5 minutes for a wet line test.

The technology complements Adler and Allan’s suite of environmental forecourt services including installation, maintenance and testing for tanks, separators, vapour recovery, sewage pumps and fuel tankers. Customers include multinational blue-chip organisations across a wide range of sectors both private and public.

Leighton O’Brien’s Global President of Field Technologies Chris Cooper said: “Modern fuel formulations are changing the rules for fuel retailers in terms of preserving the lifecycle of their storage tank asset,” he said.

“Major oil companies need to ensure the integrity of their fuel systems by testing with the best technology available and third-party review to ensure their tank systems are 100 per cent tight, preventing water ingress that can cause biological activity, accelerated corrosion and contaminated product unfit for sale.

“This latest partnership expands our market coverage in the UK and builds on our growing global network. We look forward to capitalising on the market opportunities in this region,” Cooper said.

Bob Contreras, Adler and Allan Executive Chairman, commented: “Leighton O’Brien complements our enhanced range of services and solutions and aligns with our focus on technology innovation and the highest levels of customer service and safety. In order to support the expansion of biofuels, companies need to develop their compliance regimes to ensure continuity of supply.”

For more information visit www.adlerandallan.co.uk

20th November 2019