Environmental risk reduction specialist Adler and Allan is “proud to be supporting the national effort by helping organisations to keep Britain moving safely and compliantly during the current COVID-19 crisis”, it said in an online statement. 

Many of its employees have been defined as key workers and are providing essential services to hundreds of operations, including (but not limited to) fuel deliveries, fleet fuel infrastructure maintenance and temporary expansion, tank testing and maintenance, as well as responding to pollution incidents. 

Adler and Allan’s core purpose “is to help public and private sector businesses understand and manage their environmental risks, reducing the impact to the environment, their operation and their reputation”, it added in the same statement. 

It said that in this time of national crisis, it has modified its procedures to safeguard its employees and customers’ health, and strictly follows the guidelines for essential services published by the Government.

It said: “Ensuring continuity of power is of critical importance at this challenging time. Modern biodiesels risk that continuity as they attract water, causing microbial contamination in tanks and exposing hospitals and other critical services to considerable operational risk. Adler and Allan is providing regular tank testing and maintenance as well as fuel polishing to ensure the nations generators will provide power when required.”

Its teams across the country continue to respond to pollution incidents to ensure the environment is kept safe and businesses can resume operations after an incident.

Bob Contreras, Executive Chairman, said: “The safety of our colleagues and customers is of paramount importance and we rigorously follow all HSE and Government advice on any work we carry out. 

“Adler and Allan is proud to support many infrastructure projects that are critical to the nation’s efforts to deal with the current coronavirus crisis. We are supporting our clients by providing maintenance of critical assets and response services to organisations across emergency services, military, supermarket, utilities, data centres, local authorities, forecourts, highways and rail operations.”

Its 24/7 UK-wide response services for incidents involving a range of oil, chemicals and other contaminants together with treatment of hazardous waste are also critical for keeping people safe and protecting the environment, it said. As such, many of its colleagues are defined as key workers under the latest government announcement.

For more information visit www.adlerandallan.co.uk

9th April 2020