After many years of research and development, Abfad Limited, based in Washington, Tyne and Wear (UK) has achieved a world renowned European Tank Lining Certification, EN13160-7, for its innovative Fuelvac® double skin tank lining system.

Fuelvac® is designed with environmental protection in mind. It uses solvent-free coatings and non-hazardous materials throughout. The double skin liner provides storage tank operators with a method to protect against damaging unseen corrosion. Also providing 24/7 Class 1 vacuum leak detection monitoring, avoiding dangerous and polluting leaks and spills that can cause serious damage to the environment.

This is a major achievement with 15 years of research and development and over 8 years of testing by TUV Nord in Hamburg, Germany.

Abfad Projects Director, Chris Haritou, said: “The certification has been a long time coming but it’s one we’re all very proud of. We’ve had some tough challenges along the way as the EN Standard tests had to be achieved using solvent-free coatings for the benefit of applicators and our atmosphere. To get the certificate now is a vindication of our stance to develop a lining system that can be one of the most environmentally friendly in the World.”

Operations Director, Alan Fada, added: “The doors are open for us now as to where we can take Fuelvac®. We’ll certainly be looking at all the options we have with regards to exporting the system. We’ve already had initial discussions with a few interested parties around licencing and investment going forward.”

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5th June 2018

5th June 2018