A terminal network that will supply refined petroleum products from the Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas to the Bajio region of North-Central Mexico is set to be built by Avant Energy.

The network will be known as ‘SUPERA’ (Suministro de Petroliferos Altamira–Bajio) and will provide an efficient logistics solution for companies to supply refined products from the U.S. to several cities in the Bajio region. Initially the network will consist of a marine terminal and an inland terminal developed simultaneously and involving an investment in the order of $200 million.

The marine terminal will be located in the Port of Altamira. It will be capable of unloading Panamax size vessels and providing storage for up to 1.2 million barrels of refined products. The terminal will be operated by Savage and will facilitate rail access to the Bajio region via an interconnection with the existing KCSM railroad. Key port facilities and regulatory permits have been obtained.

The initial inland terminal will comprise a storage and dispatch facility in Queretaro with direct connection to the KCSM system. This terminal is being designed to receive unit trains with storage capacity of 450,000 barrels. Both the marine terminal and the inland storage facility are expected to commence construction during 3Q 2018 and start commercial operation before the end of 2019.

CEO of Avant Energy, Luis Farias said: “We are proud to develop this unique infrastructure network that provides superior logistics solutions to connect the high growth Bajio region with the U.S. Gulf Coast, the largest and most efficient market in the world for refined products. The energy reform has allowed new players such as Avant Energy to participate in open markets, which will allow increased efficiencies to the supply chain and ultimately benefit the consumer.”

Savage President and CEO, Kirk Aubry said: “This network will open the door to more efficient supply and transportation of refined petroleum products from U.S. refiners into Mexico’s North-Central region, where it is needed. We’re pleased to partner with Avant Energy and Kansas City Southern de México in this important project to help ensure safe, reliable and affordable service for our customers.”

Kansas City Southern President and CEO, Patrick J. Ottensmeyer said: “We’re committed to supporting this significant project. It’s aligned with our strategy to increase the volume, velocity and value of the commodities we move.”

For more information visit www.avant.energywww.savageservices.com, www.riverstonellc.com and www.kcsouthern.com

12th Feb 2018

12th February 2018