The CLH Group has announced it has created Exolum, a new company focused on the identification and development of new business opportunities.

It said in a statement: “We’re in a time of change dominated by the energy transition and the digitization of the economy which may again affect our business model and that of our customers with an intensity that is still difficult to predict.”

It added that its strategy in what it described as “this transformation scenario” is to build an organisation that’s ever more solid and competitive and capable of overcoming the changes that arise and ensuring its continuity in the future.

One of the most recent steps it’s taken as part of this goal is Exolum, which is said is “exclusively dedicated to boosting innovation and entrepreneurship which will be used as an incubator for new projects and will operate autonomously and independently.”

Through Exolum, it hopes to be able to drive the diversification of its activities in a more “agile and efficient” way with the development of new business opportunities in industries and sectors that are different from those in which it has operated traditionally.

It also said Exolum would reinforce its aim of “contributing to society’s development and the planet’s sustainability by managing essential infrastructures for people’s wellbeing”.

Our mission is to scan the horizon, study business possibilities and implement those that are feasible.”

He said the company has been founded with a structure “pursuant to the LEAN methodology”. As it develops, handling new projects and creating new needs, it will grow.

As part of the philosophy of being an independent company with its own entity, the company will have an autonomous team and its own headquarters. Gómez added: “Part of the success of this initiative is doing things differently meaning it’s a good idea to be physically separate in a different environment with diverse ways of relating and near people from other companies who can enrich us and contribute.”

The new company will handle other ideas that have come out of research, assessments and market analyses: “We want to enter new sectors where we can contribute something. To do so, we will only take two conditions into account: they must be feasible and fit our goal of offering services that contribute to people’s wellbeing and sustainability.”

The foundation of Exolum is accompanied by other measures within CLH Group such as the creation of the Diversification Committee, which will review and supervise all decisions with a special economic or strategic impact.

The Committee is formed by the CEO, Jorge Lanza, and the directors of the areas most closely related to the aim of generating new business such as the directors of Transformation, Sales and Marketing, Technical Affairs and Business Strategy and Development.

Jorge Lanza, CEO of CLH, said: “With this new company, we’re reinforcing our commitment to diversification as a future strategy as it will allow us to explore new innovative projects and business lines in a more agile and effective way”.

Juan Bonilla, Corporate of Transformation Manager, added: “Generating new ideas which can become a business is key to our company’s growth and future. This new company will be a very important cornerstone for our long-term sustainability strategy”.

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8th April 2020